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Willkommen auf der Seite des QualTranscribe-Transkriptionsdienstes der Northwestern University. Diese Seite enthält alle Informationen, die Sie benötigen, um die Transkription oder Übersetzung Ihrer qualitativen Forschungsprojekte zu bestellen.

Sauber gelesen

Lässt unnötige Äußerungen weg, um den Transkriptfluss zu verbessern, während Bedeutung und Kontext erhalten bleiben.


Erfasst und schließt jede Äußerung innerhalb des Audios ein, wie „uh“ und „ähm“. Auch Seufzer, Stottern und Füllwörter.

Discounts: Due to budgetary constraints, discounts are available for John Hopkins students and faculty members. This applies to all digital interview recordings.

Transcript Accuracy: We do not use machine transcription as it defeats the purpose of transcribing real-world interviews for qualitative research. We are subject-matter expert transcribers who ensure a minimum quality standard of 99%. Our multi-step process ensures that each transcript is checked by more eyes and ears to ensure a better quality transcript. We also do any research required for technical terms and acronyms. 

Delivery: For bulk orders, deliveries are staggered, with transcripts delivered on a rolling basis, depending on the total number of audio interviews uploaded.

Payment: We accept payment via all major credit cards (university PCards), bank transfers, ACH, and Paypal. Depending on the transcription project type, payment can be prepaid, partly paid, or fully paid upon completion. We can also invoice your department's account payables. 

File Upload: Audio interviews can be uploaded via our website order page or Qualtranscribe's secure Sharefile account, which will be created for you. Files and links can also be shared from Google Drive, Dropbox, John Hopkins' Box, Whatsapp, etcetera.

Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality of all transcription files is our highest priority. Access to the files is restricted strictly on a need-to-know basis.  We hold our staff to high confidentiality standards established by the general university system. To fulfill IRB ethics requirements, an NDA is always available upon request. We fulfill all HIPAA and GDPR requirements. 

5-Day Delivery


Erschwinglicher Service

  • Akademische Rabatte

  • Flexible Zahlungsbedingungen

  • Paypal, Kreditkarten, Bank/Überweisung


  • MS Word-Format

  • PDF-Format 

  • Nvivo + Viele andere Formate

Aufnahmen mit mehreren Sprechern

  • Fokusgruppe

  • Interviews mit mehreren Sprechern

  • Konferenzen

Zuverlässige Transkriptionen

  • Pünktliche Lieferung

  • Flexible TAT für Großaufträge

  • Engagierter Projektmann


  • 2-Minuten-Anzeigen

  • Anzeige Lautsprecherwechsel

  • 5-Minuten-Anzeigen

Einfach hochladen und bestellen

  • Einfacher Online-Uploader

  • Viele Dateiformate

  • Dropbox, Google Drive usw.

Yet to conduct your research interviews? Here are some tips!

1. Speak clearly. Speak at a good level of volume. Do not speak in a rushed or hurried voice or mumble. Speak quietly. Have people speak one at a time.


2. Record on a fast-speed or high-quality digital or tape recorder setting. This makes a more precise recording but uses more memory or tape.


3. Record in a quiet environment.  Be aware of background noise from others, air conditioning, fans, music, and other sources.


4. Make sure each person can be heard equally well in two or more groups. Use a recording system with multiple microphones in large groups to ensure you can hear each individual.

5. If possible, have all persons speaking at the same distance from the recording device.  If that is impossible, place it nearest the most essential part of the conversation or point it in that direction.

6. Use good quality equipment made for the number of people you are recording. Alternatively, ensure you have a good internet connection if you are conducting interviews online, e.g., via Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, or Skype.

7. Keep the recording device going (turned on and recording) well before people talk.


8. In large groups, have each person state their name before talking if they need to be accurately identified. Provide agenda.


9. Provide lists of speakers, meeting agendas, and other references as available to us to create better annotated, ordered transcripts from your audio.


We'd love to hear from you!

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