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MALAY Transcription & Translation Services
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If you have a Malay audio or video file that you would like transcribed into English or vice versa, Qualtranscribe can provide you with the audio-to-text transcript you need. We can take any audio or video format in Malay and produce an intelligent transcript in English. We also provide monolingual transcription in Malay language. Through collaboration with our international locations and professional teams and with our adherence to precision and professionalism, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, understanding and mutual respect

We're a low-cost solution with professionally vetted Malaysian native linguists, transcriptionists and editors. Working with us gives you the scale to deliver consistent messaging that’s locally and culturally appropriate to yourself and  your audience. You’ll benefit from a specialized Malay transcription and translation team and a service level that guarantees high quality translations and transcriptions.

Special requests or bulk project? Send us a message.

Audio/Video Translation

  • Subtitles & Captions

  • Focus Group Sessions

  • Market Research Interviews

  • In-Depth Interviews

  • One-on-One Interviews

  • Earnings Calls Recordings

  • In-Depth Telephone Interviews

What Makes

us Better?


Our services are tailored to meet

your specific needs.

Fast Deliveries

We always deliver right on time. Our turnaround/delivery times for your transcriptions is reliable and we always get it right the first time.

Secure & Confidential

Your files and data is handled with precision and discretion. 

Specialized in the transcription of sensitive materials, an NDA can be provided.


We offer an experienced workforce of global transcriptionist, translators and editors who turn thousands of minutes of audio into high-quality transcripts.

99%+ Accuracy

Our multi-step quality assurance processes ensures the highest standards of accuracy and consistency in our transcripts.

Malay Transcription

We provide the most affordable Malay language audio/video transcription and translation services. Contact us and a dedicated project manager will assist you in getting started

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