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DIY: How to transcribe your research interviews.

How to transcribe your research interview recordings as inexpensively as possible.

Transcribing your own research interviews can help you save on costs if you have a tight budget. You will definitely also get familiar with your data - and it's an advantage!

  • What you will need:

A word processor: The advantages of using a word processor are numerous; auto-correct, spell check, fonts, number of pages, number of words and number of characters, auto save among others. Microsoft Word is the go-to word processor for a high number of transcribers.

Transcription Software: We do not recommend a media player like Windows Media Player

or VLC among others. Whiles many people have found using Windows Media Player - after installing WMP keys plugin - to transcribe easy, it's not an appropriate tool to transcribe efficiently. Use a transcription software. Now, this transcription software is just to help with recording playback and is NOT an automated transcription technology