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Traducción y Transcreación


  • bengalí

  • bosnio

  • búlgaro

  • catalán

  • croata

  • checo

  • danés

  • farsi

  • Griego

  • hebreo

  • húngaro

  • indonesio

  • japonés

  • kazajo

  • coreano

  • latín

  • finlandés

  • albanés

Si tiene un archivo de audio o video que le gustaría transcribir al mismo o transcribir/traducir a otro idioma, Qualtranscribe puede proporcionarle la transcripción de audio a texto que necesita. Podemos tomar cualquier formato de audio o video en cualquier idioma mundial importante y producir una transcripción inteligente en ese idioma. A través de la colaboración con nuestras ubicaciones internacionales y equipos profesionales y con nuestra adhesión a la precisión y el profesionalismo, nos esforzamos construir relaciones a largo plazo con nuestros clientes basadas en la confianza, la comprensión y el respeto mutuo

Con lingüistas examinados profesionalmente en más de 50 países en todo el mundo, trabajar con nosotros le brinda la escala para entregar mensajes consistentes que son local y culturalmente apropiados para su audiencia. Se beneficiará de un equipo de traducción especializado con una administración de cuentas dedicada y un nivel de servicio que garantiza traducciones de alta calidad.

Transcribimos y traducimos en los siguientes idiomas:

  • Arábica

  • Chino simplificado

  • Chino tradicional

  • inglés

  • Inglés (EE. UU.)

  • Francés Francia)

  • Francés (Canadá)

  • Holandés

  • Alemán

  • italiano

  • Portugués (Brasil)

  • Portugués (Portugal)

  • ruso

  • Español (América Latina)

  • Español (España)

  • Español (EE. UU.)

  • turco

  • Urdu 

Audio & Video Translation 

Seeking seamless audio file translation between languages? Our expertise lies in surpassing expectations with exceptional human-generated translations. Experience top-tier audio/video translation services, starting with simultaneous transcription and translation of your recordings. Our skilled transcribers and native linguists, driven by a genuine passion for their craft, deliver accurate translations in your preferred language, ensuring a high-quality transcript. We uphold strict quality standards, relying solely on human expertise; no machine transcription methods are employed. Devoted to excellence, we guarantee unmatched precision and linguistic finesse in all our services. Your translation needs find their perfect match at Qualtranscribe.

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Translation services are essential in our interconnected world, breaking language barriers and enabling effective communication across borders. These services encompass a wide range of expertise, including document translation, localization, interpretation, and transcreation.


Skilled linguists and advanced technology work together to ensure accurate and culturally sensitive translations for various industries, such as business, legal, medical, and marketing. With global reach and 24/7 accessibility, translation services are crucial in fostering international collaborations, facilitating trade, and promoting cultural exchange. Embracing these services opens endless possibilities in our diverse and dynamic global landscape.

All Hands In
  • How do I send my audio/video files to you?
    For large sized files or bulk orders, interview recordings can be sent via Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box, and any other cloud platform. (You can send us a link to download or share folder with us). Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Do real people transcribe my audio/videos files?
    Definitely - 100% human transcription. Real people with years of transcription experience and are familiar with nearly every industry-specific content and accent.
  • What is your accuracy guarantee?
    We guaantee 99%+ accuracy. Qualitative research transcription services must be accurate,​ as inaccuracies skew research findings - with a potentially detrimental impact on the results and learnings - hence, defeating the purpose of transcription.
  • Will Qualtranscribe sign a non-disclosure agreeement?
    Yes, we’re very strict on file and content confidentiality. To fulfill ethics requirements at your university, we will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You can send us a tailored NDA by your IRB. We can also supply one upon your request.
  • What are the available payment methods?
    We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, wire/bank transfers (for invoicing purposes).
  • Where is my data stored?
    Uploaded digital files are stored by Citrix Sharefile. You can view thier privacy policy here. All digital recordings and transcripts are deleted in 3 business days after a project is completed.
  • Can you handle large projects?
    We pride ourselves in handling large, and complex projects. If you have a bulk order/project contact us and we'll take care of everything.
  • Is upload secure?
    We offer our clients a secure HTTPS site to upload files as protocol for transmitting data securely over the Internet. HTTPS provides authentication of the web site and the associated web server one is communicating with, protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, it provides bidirectional encryption of communications between client and server, protecting against eavesdropping and tampering with and/or forging the contents of the communication. This provides a reasonable guarantee that one is communicating with precisely the web site that one intended to communicate with, as well as ensures that the contents of communication between the user and site cannot be read or forged by a third party
  • What file formats do you accept?
    What file formats We accept audio and video recordings in acc, aif, aiff, amr, ape, au, cda, gsm, flac, m4a, mid, mp3, mpga, ogg, raw, shn, sri, vox, wav, wma, 3g2, 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, video, and wmv. Email us if your file is in a different you accept?
  • Do you share my information?
    Under no circumstances will we share your information with any third parties. All information remains secured and only accessible by only those with explicit privileges.
  • I'm writing a grant proposal, can I get an formal quote?"
    Most definitely. We will be happy to email you a formal quote.
  • What's a full verbatim transcript?
    In a full verbatim transcription, interview is transcribed word for word, and sound for sound., Every single utterance is included; ums, uhs, mm-hmms, false start, stutters and all repeated words. Non-word utterances such as um, uh-huh Sound of emotion or body sounds: [laughs], [crying], [makes sound], [coughs], [clears throat], even pauses and silences are noted. No word is added even to improve grammar. Don't transcribe languages other than English. Each of these cases is described in another section. Usually this would be for court documents or transcripts that may be submitted to a court for litigation purposes. Some students may also want every utterance transcribed for analyzing purposes, while others prefer to have an intelligent version. Please note that we are not talking about paraphrasing the conversation when we are talking about intelligent verbatim. We are talking about an exact transcript of what was said, but just leaving out the ums, uhs, hm-hmms, repeated words and false starts.



Our comprehensive services encompass all types of text, spanning diverse industries. 

No matter the context or domain, we have the expertise to bridge linguistic gaps and ensure a seamless understanding of all your communication needs.






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