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Dutch Transcription & Translation.

Our Dutch translation and transcription services are performed by highly-trained native speakers, ensuring utmost accuracy and authenticity. We assist businesses, individuals, researchers, and more with diverse needs. Regardless of project complexity, we efficiently handle Dutch transcription and translation tasks of any magnitude.


At Qualtranscribe, we prioritize your data security and privacy, adhering to GDPR regulations. Our GDPR-compliant services ensure confidential, secure handling of personal data, with robust measures like encryption, secure storage, and controlled access throughout the process.


Dutch is a West Germanic language sharing similarities with English and German and boasts 16.76 million native speakers. When including second-language learners, this number rises to 23.3 million. Dutch is widely spoken in the Netherlands, and Suriname, and the prominent dialect of Flemish is prevalent in many regions of Belgium and parts of France. Moreover, the influence of the Netherlands has led to small Dutch-speaking communities in various other parts of the world. The widespread presence of the Dutch contributes to its cultural significance and global linguistic impact.

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