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Focus Group Transcription

Focus group sessions produces large amount of data. Key informant interviews, in-depth interviews - focus groups - are the most important methods to elicit consumer insights and identify their feelings and perception of a particular subject matter in which transcriptions are a great tool for research analysts.

Listening or watching hours and hours of focus group recordings just to pull findings for reports is so grueling and not an efficient way to collect information for your research - having an intelligent transcription is invaluable for reporting. A focus group session might involve more than 15 participants, tons of different accents and dialects, background noise, simultaneous speaking (participants speaking over each other), different sound quality. A precise verbatim transcript of a focus group session is the most efficient way to analyse and gain insights. 

At Qualtranscribe all focus group transcriptions are done by real people - 100% human - who are subject matter experts, thus, providing accurate transcriptions for all recordings. We know the complexities involved in having a focus group session transcribed - but our rates don't change for focus groups. 

We transcribe the following: ​

  • Strategic planning sessions

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Risk Analysis Sessions

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Consumer Forums

  • Brainstorming sessions 

  • Customer Analysis Sessions

  • Medical Research Sessions

  • Roundtable discussions 

  • Routine office meetings 

  • Business group discussions 

  • Lectures, seminars and workshops

  • Competitor Analysis Sessions

  • Market Survey Research Recordings

Your Transcript

English & Spanish language transcription.

Any accent or sound quality accepted.

Intelligent verbatim or full verbatim.

Turnaround options based on order

Optional time coding.

Multiple Speakers

Speakers identification

Special instructions considered.

Confidentiality and data security assured.

Maximum customer service

Dedicated project manager


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