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Pharmaceutical + Medical
Transcription Services

With extensive specialization and commitment to precision, our subject-matter expert transcribers and translators provide volumes of transcripts for medical and pharmaceutical research. In addition to the utmost importance of providing accurate transcripts, Qualtranscribe can provide healthcare bilingual transcripts and translations in 20+ languages which include French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, to name a few. 


We understand that translation and transcription are time-sensitive for contract research organizations vital to the pharma, MedTech, and biotech industries. With transcriptions and translations done by our subject-matter experts trained in protecting human research participants, we place immense importance on the quality of our transcripts and translations and the delivery time.

Covering a broad spectrum of qualitative research and therapeutic areas, our multi-step quality approach, the source language and target language syntax and grammar, cultural nuances, and accurate transcription, we are optimistic that you will be highly impressed with our service deliveries. We transcribe a broad range of in-depth interviews and focus groups conducted with HCPs, KOLs, therapy area experts, specialists, GPs/PCPs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals:

Clinical Trial Interviews

Patient Interviews

Focus Groups

Group Discussions

In-depth Interviews

Voice-recorded Medical Reports

Our adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) ensures that we meet all the necessary criteria for medical transcriptionists. Our robust security measures provide top-notch customer data protection, encompassing various safeguards on multiple levels. From platform security to quality assurance measures and beyond, we prioritize safeguarding personal health information with utmost dedication.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
20+  Languages.
Abstract Structure

Precise and swift translation and transcription for drug safety and risk management.

transcription service next day delivery

Swift Deliveries

We always deliver right on time. Our turnaround/delivery times for your transcripts are reliable and we always get it right the first time.

confidential transcription service

Secure & Confidential

Your files and data are handled with precision and discretion. 

Specializing in the transcription of sensitive materials, an NDA can be provided.

Combining, accuracy, value & confidentiality.?


Our services are tailored to meet

your specific needs.


Healthcare Experts

Healthcare/medical/therapeutic and pharmaceutical research subject-matter experts within fast regulatory timelines.


HIPAA + GDPR Compliance     

All our healthcare-related translations are completed with strict compliance and adherence to the HIPAA guidelines. 

15 years transcription experience


We offer an experienced workforce of global transcriptionists, translators, and editors who turn thousands of minutes of audio into high-quality transcripts.

98% accurate transcription service

Human Quality

Our multi-step quality assurance processes ensures the highest standards of accuracy and consistency in our transcripts.

Audio & Video Translation 

Are you seeking to translate an audio file from one language to another? At Qualtranscribe, we prioritize in delivering human-generated translations that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality, along with our team of skilled transcribers and talented audio/video translators, allows us to provide you with outstanding audio/video translation services.


The audio or video translation process commences with a simultaneous transcription and translation of your recorded material, where our team of skilled transcribers and professionally trained native linguists with a genuine passion for their crafts translate your content into the le language of your preference and diligently create a high-quality transcript. We take pride in maintaining our quality standards by ensuring that the entire process is conducted solely by humans. We never employ machine transcription methods as we believe in delivering exceptional results.

We are dedicated to ensuring only the best in the field to ensure the utmost accuracy and linguistic finesse.

Interview with businesswomen


Our Enterprise transcription services are tailored to meet the specific needs of high-volume and recurring projects. With our HIPAA and GDPR compliance, and a secure, encrypted micro-tasked workflow, we ensure complete confidentiality and security for every enterprise-level project.

Our team of transcriptionists is carefully selected based on their expertise and professionalism. Each transcriptionist is required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, further safeguarding the confidentiality of your sensitive information. For enterprise businesses that require an additional layer of security, we offer the option to provide teams of geofenced workers. This means that the transcriptionists working on your project are physically located within specific geographic boundaries, enhancing data protection measures.



Business Meeting

QualTranscribe is one of my preferred partners. I thoroughly enjoy working with them. Communicating with them is great; their responsiveness is quick, professional and to the point. They offer great turnaround times and excel in meeting delivery timings. The quality of the transcriptions are on a very high level and they're always quick to implement any amends or feedback. All in all, they offer a fantastic service and are my favourite go-to partner for transcriptions.


- Julia Sydow, Transactions Coordinator.
M3 Global Research

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