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Qualtranscribe's legal transcription service offers numerous advantages for law firms, legal professionals, and the legal system. Our accurate and reliable transcription of legal audio and video recordings enhances efficiency in legal documentation and organizes legal records effectively, making legal information more accessible. The significant benefits of using our legal transcription service include improved record-keeping, streamlined case management, and a reduced risk of transcription errors. The enhanced clarity and readability of legal documents further boost the effectiveness of the legal process.

With the demanding workload of legal service companies, attorneys and other legal professionals often seek assistance, particularly in transcribing video and audio into text data. The need for professional transcribers specializing in court documents is high, given the unique vocabulary of this field. Consumers of legal content place their trust in competent and experienced transcription services like Qualtranscribe's legal transcription, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

Legal Audio & Video Translation 

Legal transcription involves converting legal audio or video content into text format. We collaborate closely with you to develop a customizable template that aligns with your specific transcripts and legal document submissions criteria.

Our comprehensive legal services encompass secure transcription of audio and video data related to discovery and pre-trial research. Additionally, we offer language services such as translation for this type of data. With a wealth of experience handling numerous legal projects, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail during legal transcription. 


We transcribe the following:

  • Meeting Transcriptions & Minutes

  • Tribunal & Court Transcripts

  • Deposition Interviews 

  • Witness Testimony

  • General Correspondence

  • Legal & Appellate Briefs

Law Books
Contract Signature
 Scales of Justice


We prioritize confidentiality and security for every project through our compliance and secure, encrypted micro-tasked workflow.

Our transcriptionists are meticulously chosen based on their expertise and professionalism. To ensure an extra layer of protection, each transcriptionist must sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, safeguarding the confidentiality of your sensitive information. For enterprise businesses seeking enhanced security, we offer the option of geofenced workers. This means that the transcriptionists working on your project are physically located within specific geographic boundaries, further bolstering data protection measures.


Large volume? Special requirements? Recurring work?


Deposition, Arbitration 
Transcription Services




Files are transcribed by professional subject-matter expert transcribers ensuring 99%+ accuracy. We do not use machine transcription tools.



You don't have to spend a fortune to get an awesome transcription service. Our affordable service won't break the bank any time, any day.



We maintain strict confidentiality of all data recordings and fulfill all ethics requirements. Your files and information are secured.


High-volume & Enterprise 

We handle large/bulk transcription orders on an  ongoing or on-off basis to meet any volume project specifications.


On-time Delivery

Reliable delivery schedules ensure that your transcriptions are turned around on or before the deadline. If we don't deliver on time, it's a shame on us.


Multiple Accents

We transcribe native and highly accented non-native English interview recordings, ESL speaker interview recordings without breaking a sweat.


Need a Legal File Transcribed?

Qualtranscribe makes the process user-friendly and problem-free. Contact us and a dedicated project manager will assist you in finding the legal transcription solution that meets your needs and budget.

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