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Transcription & Translation

Academic Interview Transcription Services

Universities, Colleges or Research Institutes, all knowledge based institutions can now send us audio recordings of education or academic interviews or research material and heave a sigh of relief, we undertake transcription assignments regardless of volume. We are used and trusted by most of the world's top universities and research institutes, as our affordable transcription services, accurate and intelligent transcripts, fast processing of orders and friendly support gives us an edge and advantage in the transcription industries.

99%+ Accurate Transcriptions that cost 50% less.

We understand budgetary constraints of graduate student researchers and limited time of professional educators and research. As people in academia are one of the largest groups of people who can utilize and benefit from transcription services. Transcription services for students and educators has never been cheap, with low budgets, tight grants, bureaucracies among others, we want to reward the educators, researchers, graduate students, research institutes and schools that make a difference in the world through research in education, so we’re offering you up to 15% off any educational transcription orders.


Transcription Format

Upload your audio or video recording and receive accurate clean verbatim or intelligent verbatim formats.

Clean Verbatim:  (Does not include speech errors, false starts, and various filler words (e.g. "uhm", "uh", "you know").

Full Verbatim:  (Follows the speech exactly and includes all utterances (e.g. "uhm", "uh", "you know")

Types of Transcription:

  • Academic Lectures

  • Dissertation Interviews

  • Oral History Interviews

  • Meetings

  • Multi-speaker Interviews

  • Conference Calls

  • Memos

  • Focus Groups

  • One-one-one Interviews

Our best practices:

  • We clearly indicate changes in speakers.

  • We include timestamps when relevant.

  • We capture nonverbal cues such as pauses and interruptions.

  • We transcribe files in strict or intelligent verbatim formats.

Combining, accuracy, value & confidentiality.?


Our services are tailored to meet

your specific needs.

transcription service next day delivery

Swift Deliveries

We always deliver right on time. Our turnaround/delivery times for your transcripts are reliable and we always get it right the first time.

confidential transcription service

Secure & Confidential

Your files and data is handled with precision and discretion. 

Specialized in the transcription of sensitive materials, an NDA can be provided.

15 years transcription experience


We offer an experienced workforce of global transcriptionist, translators and editors who turn thousands of minutes of audio into high-quality transcripts.

98% accurate transcription service

Human Quality

Our multi-step quality assurance processes ensures the highest standards of accuracy and consistency in our transcripts.

Qualtranscribe staff quickly and professionally transcribed 25 interviews for my dissertation research in under a month, far faster than any other transcriber I have worked with. Overall, the quality was very high. I will certainly use them again and recommend them to others.

bernadette ludwig natale jeremikenko feedback for qualtranscribe trascription service

- Mira Debs, Yale University

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