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Transcription Services

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Easily upload or import your audio or video interview recording online via the web or by sharing a link.


The file undergoes pre-screening to match it with the most suitable transcriber, who is  tasked with creating the transcript.


Upon transcription completion, the document undergoes meticulous quality control processes before being submitted.


Once you're satisfied with your transcript, we guarantee you'll be inclined to place your next order or recommend our services.

Multilingual Transcription.

  • Wide Language Coverage

  • Scalable Service

  • Dedicated teams

  • Certified in Protecting Human Subject Research Participants

  • 99%-Plus Accuracy

  • 24/7 Support

  • Customized Solutions

  • Flat-rate pricing (no tricky add-on fees)

Almost every research team conducts interviews with Zoom or Teams. From HR with job candidates to student researchers and marketers seeking insights from thought leaders and sales teams meeting clients to understand their needs. Qualtranscribe's interview transcription service is essential to help you get the absolute most from your recorded calls. With our high-quality transcripts, you can highlight key themes, and share relevant excerpts with team members or integrate them into tools like Salesforce or Slack.

Our transcription services enable active engagement by capturing verbatim content. Easily search keywords and analyze interview text instead of spending hours listening to audio. It serves diverse fields: corporate business, education, market research, legal, and human resources.

What we transcribe:

  • Conference Calls

  • User Interviews

  • Oral History Interviews

  • Multi-speaker Interviews

  • Academic Seminars

  • Focus Groups Discussions

  • Key Informant & In-depth Interviews

Our best practices:

  • We clearly indicate changes in speakers.

  • We include timestamps when relevant.

  • We capture nonverbal cues such as pauses and interruptions

Unbeatable Value

For product research or marketing feedback analysis, start analyzing data promptly. We provides various turnaround times for competitive rates. No extra charges, plus free speaker identification and other complimentary features.

Experience  & Accuracy

With years of worldwide expertise, we specialize in transcribing extensive interviews, varied focus groups, and specialized terminology, providing precise transcripts for projects of any scale and complexity.

Formatting & Analysis

We deliver transcripts in multiple formats (with the inclusion of timestamps) clean read or full verbatim, identifying all speakers, and can be seamlessly formatted for direct entry into analysis software like NVivo or ATLAS.ti.

Security & Confidentiality

Our robust security measures provide top-notch customer data protection, encompassing various safeguards on multiple levels. From platform security to quality assurance measures and beyond, we prioritize safeguarding PHI with utmost dedication.

Geofenced Transcriptionists

Our transcriptionists are chosen for their expertise and professionalism, each signing NDAs to protect your data. For added security, we offer geofenced teams, ensuring transcriptionists work within specific geographic boundaries for enhanced data protection

Handling high volume is our speciality. We handle projects of any size and complexity efficiently ensuring accuracy and timely delivery for seamless project management and workflow.

High-Volume or Recurring Projects?

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