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User Experience Research

User research in UX and design thinking process is a vital part of product design and marketing strategy. Conducting user interviews help you gain a deeper understanding of people’s behavior, decisions and their reason why they do what they do. You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people - design is made for people.


We understand that high-quality data is crucial to the decisions you make in a product design thinking process as inaccurate research data skews findings. Accurate and thorough information is the foundation of all successful user experience and design as it provides a wealth of information about people's perspectives.  Having your interviews transcribed helps you:

  • Concentrate on the core interview process  

  • Add context and see insights in your design process.

  • Hone your interview skills

  • Share soft copies or hard copies with your team or client.


We accurately capture everything said in your user interview your and your clients will love being to read rather than to listen to the interviews.

Having a transcript helps you provides content; we provide free time-stamps for you to easily search for quotes, words and make references. UX interview transcriptions helps you reach new conclusions faster, establish facts, and find problems efficiently. Check our pricing to see how affordable it is to get your UX interviews transcribed.

We transcribe the following: ​

  • Phone Survey

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Consumer Forums

  • Focus Group Discussions

  • Direct Response

  • One-on-one Interviews 

  • Recorded Phone Interviews​

  • Customer Analysis Sessions

Your Transcript

English & Spanish language transcription.

Any accent or sound quality accepted.

Intelligent verbatim or full verbatim.

Turnaround options based on order

Optional time coding.

Multiple Speakers

Speakers identification

Special instructions considered.

Confidentiality and data security assured.

Maximum customer service

Dedicated project manager


Ready to have your recordings transcribed?

Understand people,
understand design!
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