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Match Made Research & Transcription

How can a business move forward without understanding what’s working or what isn’t working?

Has the market changed and therefore is the product or service still relevant?

Does the product or service need to be adapted to suit the current market?

In any organisation the most important clients are…you guessed it, existing clients. Now considering that, shouldn’t it be critical to fully understand existing clients? Why do they use a particular product or service? What do they like about the product or service? What don’t they like about the product or service?

If a business is on an acquisition drive to get more customers, they need to think of their existing customers first. The likes and behaviours of existing customers are more likely to be the likes and behaviours of new customers. To get a marketing strategy and messaging strategy right, it is critical to know your customers. And obviously the way to do this is through research.

But how are research and transcription related?

Have you ever been to a focus group and battled to keep up with the conversations? Lots of people talking at the same time so scrambling to make notes and decipher them afterwards can be quite a challenge.

As a research company, it could add so much value to your research projects to get focus groups transcribed into text. Not only can it add value, but it can save you time and therefore money as well. Think of the amount of time that you need to spend reviewing the audio files – fast forwarding, rewinding, getting one snippet and then fast forwarding, rewinding again. This can take an incredible amount of time.

Having audio files converted to text adds value to a research project in the following ways:

Have accurate records of the audio conversations. This is useful for the analysis stage of the research process. Save heaps of time. By converting the audio files to text files you can have a quicker turnaround for your clients in terms of findings.Reference the material quickly and easily. No more laboriously searching the audio files.Offer a value added service to your clients. Your clients can also have accurate records of focus groups to report back within their organisation.

Taking all the above points into consideration, I’m sure you can see how research and transcription is a match made in heaven.


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