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Upload/import your audio or video  interview recording easily online via web or sharing a link.

interview is transribed in MS word format


The file is pre-screened to be matched with the perfect transcriber who is then assigned the task of creating the transcript.

transcription delivered via emai


Once the transcript is created, the document goes through rigorous quality control channels before being submitted.  

Ensuring only quality transcripts make it into your insight framework.

High-quality transcriptions carried out by subject-matter experts at the most affordable cost. Qualtranscribe also provides transcriptions and translations in 20+ languages done by natives. Transcription in Amharic, Spanish, Swahili, you name it.


My team and I need to have audio/video interviews transcribed professionally.

Conference calls, focus groups, in-depth  interviews for personal, business, NGO and governmental purposes.



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Easy Upload & Order

  • Simple Online Uploader

  • Many File Formats

  • Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Time-Stamp Indications

  • 2-minute Indications

  • Indication Speaker Change

  • 5-minute Indications

Document Formats

  • MS Word Format

  • PDF Format 

  • Nvivo + Many other formats

Multi-Speaker Recordings

  • Focus Group

  • Multi-Speaker Interviews

  • Conferences


Qualtranscribe offers two main transcription formats.

Clean Read

Omits unnecessary utterances to allow the transcript flow better whiles preserving meaning and context.

CLEAN READ: Everything captured excluding the "ums" and "uhs"

​Clean verbatim transcription is our most commonly ordered transcription format and often the default style for professional services. Instead of capturing every sound spoken, clean-read captures only what people actually intended to say. We do not paraphrase. We preserve the meaning and context of every single sentence in an interview recording.

  • ​The full content of the recording is captured from the beginning to the end. 

  • ​Word crutches (um’s, ah’s, stutters, repetitions, etc.) are not captured. 

  • ​Voices, media playback, etc., that are part of the  background are not captured. 


Captures and includes every utterance within the audio like "uh" and "um." Also, sighs, stutters and filler words.

VERBATIM: Everything captured including the "ums" and "uhs"

​With full verbatim transcription, your audio is transcribed word-for-word; sighs and stutters, filler words, sound and non-verbal communication is all captured. Full verbatim transcripts are the longest and most frustrating to read since the speech pattern does not flow well.​​

  • The full content of the recording is captured from the beginning to the end. 

  • All speech is captured exactly as spoken, including um’s, ah’s, mis-started sentences, repetitions, etc.

  • Voices, media playback, etc., that are part of the background are captured.

First transcripts from the “reverse audiobook” I’ve been producing with @adamteterus just came in. So, so good. @Qualtranscribe did amazing work on this transcription. Kinda wonky file workflow, but 💯💯💯will be using again.


- Alex Hillman, Co-founder of Indy Hall


Saman Nematollahi, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine


QualTranscribe was very professional and finished all the transcribing very quickly. The quality of the transcripts were very high, especially near the end of the batch when the transcriber recognized the voices and became familiar with the content. Throughout the process, the project manager continued to ask for feedback and was very eager to make sure everything was done quickly and thoroughly. I will use the services again for the next qualitative project!


Julia Sydow
Transaction Coordinator


QualTranscribe is one of my preferred partners. I thoroughly enjoy working with them. Communicating with them is great; their responsiveness is quick, professional and to the point. They offer great turnaround times and excel in meeting delivery timings. The quality of the transcriptions are on a very high level and they're always quick to implement any amends or feedback. All in all, they offer a fantastic service and are my favourite go-to partner for transcriptions.

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