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Qualtranscribe offers high-quality transcription services throughout Canada to individuals, professionals and businesses the legal industry, healthcare industry, construction industry, insurance industry, law enforcement, real estate industry, journalism industry and finance industry.


Our transcription service specializes in transcribing recordings with a single speaker, as well as the transcription of multi-speaker recordings involving two or more persons. Recordings with multiple speakers might include: interviews, phone conversations, witness statements, press events, meetings, or any other recording situation.

We provide transcription services across all provinces including Alberta, British Columbia, Labrador, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, North West Territory, Ontario, Prince Edward Is., Quebec, Saskatchewen and Yukon.



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Why use our Transcription Service?

On-time Delivery

Reliable delivery schedules ensures that your transcriptions are turnaround

on or before the deadline. If we don't delivery on time it's shame on us.


You don't have to spend a fortune to get an awesome transcription service. Our affordable service won't break the bank any time, any day.


We maintain strict confidentiality of all data recordings and compliant with the Data Protection Acts. Your files are 100% secured.


Files are transcribed by professional subject-matter expert transcribers ensuring 98%+ accuracy. We do not use machine transcription tools.

Multiple Accents

We transcribe native and highly accented non-native English interview recordings, ESL speaker interview recordings without breaking a sweat.

High-volume & Enterprise 

We handle large/bulk transcription orders on an  ongoing or on-off basis to meet any volume project specifications.

What we transcribe

  • Dissertation & Thesis Interviews

  • Face-to-Face Interviews and Telephonic Interviews

  • Video and Audio Podcast Transcription Services

  • Legal Transcription such as court hearings, confessions, depositions etc.

  • Business Meetings, Seminars, Corporate Lectures & Corporate Training Sessions

  • Academic seminars, lectures, academic conferences, academic documentaries etc.

  • Conferences, Web Based Meetings, Speeches & Over the phone conferences etc

  • Market Research Interviews

  • Audio and Video Transcriptions

  • Medical Conferences

  • Qualitative Research Interviews

  • Focus Group Discussion

  • One-to-One Interviews & IDIs (In-depth interviews)





  • Rates start at CAD 0.94/min

  • 98%+ Accuracy

  • 100% Confidential

  • Multiple Speakers




Ready to have your recordings transcribed?


We understand recordings often contain sensitive data,​ security is something a transcription company should not overlook, hence, it is crucial for us to maintain  compliance with respect to protecting electronic data and personal information.

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All communications are  encrypted using either Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption.  Files are rest are stored using AES 256-bit encryption.

We will be glad to furnish you with any documents needed. Email us if you need a signed non-disclosure agreement, MSA, a formal business or institution quote or  custom billing info.